Preparation Schedule
Each role of the program
Preparation for congress
To chairs and oganizers

* Discussing items in detail can reduce technical troubles.
* This is only “advisory”, which are subject to change according to the situation.

1. Role-sharing
 Each role is responsible as follows.
 Making a program / Selecting connecting sites, Moderators and engineers / Coordinating the whole session

 Proceeding with the session

 Administrative procedures / Contacting presenters / Arranging and announcing schedules for regular meetings

 ■Venue staff
 Managing its own equipment / Managing network (from setup to the end of the conference) *If there is an existing network

 ■Setup/control staff
 Venue setup / Arranging and equipment for congress (Video camera, projector, PA system, laptop for presentation, etc...) /
 Managing equipment for operation and troubleshooting

 Language (ex; English → Japanese) / Number of interpreters

 ■Remote connection staff
 Selecting teleconference system / Having connection tests with remote sites /
 Taking care of technical matter for regular tele-meetings / Operating teleconference system and troubleshooting /
 Controlling MCU / Managing network (from setup to the end of the conference) *If the network is newly installed

 Please decide who is responsible about followings.
 ■Explanation to chairperson : Clarify WHEN and WHO will explain the following items to chairperson;
 ■Explanation to chairperson : Scenario, all institution names, and how to see the monitors
 ■Controlling display layout and audio : Clarify WHO and HOW control display layout
 ■Troubleshooting : Clarify WHO and HOW TO handle the trouble.
     ・ Make sure if it allows that venue engineers can interrupt the session for troubleshooting.
     ・ Make sure if it is allowed to convey the voice from venue engineer only to remote sites, not affecting main venue.

2. Program
 ■Connection Style : Teleconference or Live demonstration / Interactive or one-way / Connecting institutions
    *In case of live demonstration, informed consent from the patients and security policy should be discussed.
 Image and visual transmission : Camera image / Medical equipment / Presentation PC / Movie file /
 Image and visual transmission : Microphones for moderator and operator

3. Test Schedule
 ■Some days before event : Schedule for setup and test / Whether we can leave equipment in the venue or not /
 ■Some days before event : Room security
 ■Sometime before event : Test between remote sites and MCU *If MCU is used
 ■1 month before event : Checking venue network *If the network is newly installed

4. Network, System
 Network in each connecting institution : REN or commercial / Bandwidth / Public IP / Security policy / Firewall
 System in each connecting institution, MCU

5. Flow of preparation and its schedule
 Regular meetings
 Making program and ML
 Announcing of program and ML

6. Questionnaire
 Contents, Administrator, Style

7. Room layout

8. Sub lines of communication, getting mobile phone numbers