Preparation Schedule
Each role of the program
Preparation for congress
To chairs and oganizers

1. The main task is to make a program for teleconference.
2. Decide the following items.
              1) Topic of the conference and the brief introduction of the session.
              2) Date and time for the session, keeping the time differences in mind.
              3) Chairperson(s) and co-chair(s)
              4) Presenters and their presentation titles.
3. Ask doctors in each site to find engineers for technical support and put their names on the program.
4. Collect bio and abstract of each presenter and presentation, when necessary.
5. Arrange whole program into the final form.
6. After the session, finalize program (connected institutions, presenters, schedules) and cooperate in making reports.

Chief engineer
1. Contact with the organizer to start the collaboration.
2. Contact with other local engineers to decide the system to be used.
3. Send technical annoucement (How to connect, Schedule for test) to the mailing list.
4. Organize connection tests for the session. Help solve the problems in all participating sites.
5. Prepare for the accident during the session, controling the MCU, communicate by chat with engineers in each sites.

Local engineers in each site
1. When asked for technical support, contact with the doctors in each site to start the collaboration.
2. Check Internet and equipment, necessary for the teleconference.
3. Join the test connections before the conference, checking images and sounds.
4. Trouble shootings.
5. Prepare Skype for backup communications.
6. Technical support during the session.
7. Take local pictures during the session for the report later.

*Any questions and suggestions are welcome.