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  ◆ 1. DVTS: Digital Video Transport System
We are developing a DVTS conference system which provides comfortable discussion with the knowledge which was developed in over two hundreds events and over three hundred connected points.
Now, DVTS package which compatibles "standard configuration" and is released for easy setup. (see 7.1 DVTS Package manual)
In addition, a procedure for VPN router setup, DVTS setup at other stations and test result of HD acceptable teleconference system are also included.
The list below shows table of contents at the present.
We are very happy if these documents would serve a useful purpose to your telemedicine activity.


2.Equipment for DVTS
4.DVTS setup
5.Sound troubles
6.Improvements for high quality teleconferencing
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2.Equipment for DVTS
2.1 Standard configuration
2.2 Required equipment and details

3.1. Analog-digital video converter (ADVC)
3.2. Microphone
3.3. Audio amplifier
3.4. Video camera
3.5. Personal Computer for DVTS
3.6. Display
3.7. Loudspeaker
3.8. VPN router

4.DVTS setup
4.1 Installation
4.2 Setup detail

5.Sound troubles
5.1 Echo mechanism (loop back noise)
5.2 Avoiding echo
5.3 Self sound adjustment and checking (local test)
5.4 Stereo-Monaural problem

6.Improvements for high quality teleconferencing
6.1 Staff allocation and roles
6.2 Methods for sharing PC presentations
6.3 Configuration for live demonstration
6.4 Types of microphone
6.5 Handling detail of audio amplifier
6.6 Echo canceller unit

7.1 DVTS Package manual
7.2 VPN router configuration (AR550s)
7.3 Configuration detail for each institute
7.3.1 Kyushu University Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan
7.3.2 Kyoto 2nd Red Cross Hospital, Kyoto, Japan
7.3.3 Fukuoka University Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan
7.3.4 ASTI (Advanced Science and Technology Institute), Manila, Philippine
7.3.5 Konkuk University Hospital, Seoul, Korea
7.3.6 Tokushima University Hospital, Tokushima, Japan
7.3.7 VinaREN - Vietnam Research and Education Network, Vietnam
7.3.8 Shanghai Jiaotong University affiliated Shanghai First People’s Hospital, Shanghai, China
7.3.9 National Center for Child Health and Development, Tokyo, Japan
(Technical supports are provided by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation. )
7.3.10 The University of Hong Kong , Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong, China
7.3.11 Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
7.3.12 Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
7.3.13 University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Fukuoka, Japan
7.3.14 National Taiwan University , Taipei, Taiwan
7.3.15 Hokkaido University Hospital Hokkaido, Japan
7.3.16 Fujita Health University, Aichi, Japan
7.3.17 CERNET Network Center of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
7.3.18 University of Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7.3.19 Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
7.3.20 Chungbuk National University, Cheongju Korea
7.3.21 Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
7.4 HD supported teleconference system demonstration report
7.4.1 First demonstration on October 20th, 2009
7.4.2 Second demonstration on February 8th, 2010