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  ◆ HD-SCR (High Definition Streaming Combined Remote conference system) and Tele-Pointer
We installed new conference system "HD-SCR" which provides HD image and easy handling.
HD-SCR is combined HD streaming system and TV conference system then realizes high quality image and reducing preparation burden.

Additionally, HD-SCR accepts another new system "Tele-Pointer" which provides remote pointer for telepresence.
Tele-Pointer is able to show 5 remote cursors at the same time and share them among twenty sites.

Furthermore HD-SCR supports "L2TP/IPsec" secured connection for HD transmission as standard without VPN router at each remote site.
So we have to prepare NO VPN router to receive live surgery image like previously.

The following documents are setup manual of HD-SCR.
We will update them in response to your requests.
This system requires ID and Password to access.
Please contact us by this form mail and request them.

In closing, It's very happy for us if this new system and information help your telemedicine activity.

HD-SCR overview
How to create “L2TP+IPsec VPN” connection
HD streaming system setup manual