Available Technology
VPN router
Equipment for rent
Hint for system selection
Notes for teleconference
Troubleshooting tips
Checklist for Test
Information in the past

  ◆Hint for system selection: Specification
- Bandwidth, The necessity of global IP
- High-compressed system works with small bandwidth. However it causes delay or blurred image.
Image quality
- Resolution; HD or SD, Color reproducibility
- With 0.5 sec as roundtrip, the communication will be difficult.
- Commercial products are easy to use, but they are expensive.
Compatibility with peripherals
- Web camera: difficult to control; pan, zoom, etc..
PC display sharing
- Powerpoint slide including movie
- Connectivity presenter's PC
Multi-point connection
- Maximum number of connection
- Maximum number of display

  ◆System comparison for specification
System DVTS
H.323 Vidyo
Type Software Hardware Software Hardware Software
Resolution SD SD or HD SD or HD HD HD
Bandwidth 30 Mbps 1-10 Mbps 2 Mbps 6 Mbps 4 Mbps
Camera Video camera Video camera Web camera Video camera Web camera
Content-Sharing Yes Yes Partial Yes Partial
Global IP Required Required Required Not required Not required
Price (USD) Free $10000 $200 $10000 $2 (Client)
Scale 8 sites 20 sites 20 sites 20 sites 20 sites
Difficulty level Engineer required Easy Easy Easy Very easy
*TEMDEC as of March 2015

  ◆Hint for system selection: Purpose
Conference or live
Movie sending
Sending movie in presentation slide or as independent file
Number of connection sites
Scale of venue, numper of participants
Staff, engineer

  ◆System comparison for purpose
System DVTS
H.323 Vidyo
Type Software Hardware Software Hardware Software
Conference See the note*1 See the note*1
Ope live, Ope movie N/A N/A
Pathology N/A N/A
Multipoint connection See the note*2
Scale of venue See the note*3 See the note*3
*1 Depending on spec of audio device
*2 Inconvinient of screen layout
*3 Limit of camera angle