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Notes for teleconference
Troubleshooting tips
Checklist for Test
Information in the past

  ◆ Sound problem

  Mute your mic quickly when you not speak.
  Use headset if you are only one participant from your site.
  Use recommended device of Vidyo Desktop.
  Vidyo Desktop AudioGuide, DeviceList
  Connect from silent room.
  Take distance from speaker to mic.
  Decrease speaker level.
  Don’t place speaker and mic vis-à-vis.
  Use echo canceller system.
  Off “Auto adjust microphone level” in configuration in VidyoDesktop.
  Decrease mic level in your PC.
  Off your air conditioner, printer, or some device cause sound.
  Take distance from your mic.
Remote site cannot hear you
  Check your mic is not mute. By device, software, PC level.
  Check you mic is on.
  Check another remote site can hear you.
  Check you select correct mic at configuration of Vidyo Desktop.
  How to setting device
  Check your PC recognizes your mic in device menu of PC.
Cannot hear remote site
  Check your speaker is on.
  Check your audio cable.
  Check your speaker level.
  Check you select correct speaker at configuration of Vidyo Desktop.
  How to setting device
  Check your PC recognizes your speaker in device menu of PC.
  Check you can hear another remote site.
  Mute your mic.
  Off echo canceller at configuration of Vidyo Desktop.
Audio level is unstable
  Change battery of mic or mixer.
  Off echo canceller and auto adjust microphone level at configuration of Vidyo Desktop.
  Check another site’s situation of audio level.
  ◆ Image problem
Resolution is low
  Change resolution by your PC.
  Check Video menu at configuration of Vidyo Desktop.
Cannot see Vidyo window or presentation only
  Reconnect/restart VidyoDesktop.
  Quit another applications.
  Quit wifi and use LAN.
  Reboot PC.
  Try to use another PC.
Cannot see one participant camera image only
  Ask them to check camera, PC, network.
Camera Image problem
  How to setting device
  Update or re-install the device software for Webcam.
  ◆ Another problem
Cannot Connect, Disconnected
Restart your VidyoDesktop/ Web browser/ PC.
Finish other applications running on your computer.
Check network. If you are using wired connection, please off wireless function not to connect to wireless network.
Check firewall. If the firewall works, please off it.
Change Vidyoploxy setting
Vidyo Desktop network requirements
Want to show participants name
How to Share presentation
  Easy way
  Application or screen share
  Difference between two ways of sharing
  Movie sharing on VidyoDesktop
  General 2 Ways of Movie Sharing; Switching Main Source and Content Sharing
  Download test presentation
Still the problem is not solved
  Get log file
  Short Manual for Vidyo Desktop