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What is med-hok?

1. Introduction

The Kyushu University Hospital team (TEMDEC) began our telemedicine activities in 2002 and we have expanded over the last 10 years. Today, our role is not only to host telemedicine events but also to support our partners’ activities. Through such activities, we have automated the workflow of telemedicine, to secure good connections and provide attractive content. For each event, we compile mailing lists, provide programs, and test communications connections. After the event, we gather and share feedback for review and archive it in the event list, with images and videos published as websites or articles (Figure 1). However, our activities have been so frequent that we have often had difficulties with smooth and clear communication. Therefore, for better teleconference management, the latest unified information must be collected and shared among all our partners.

Teleconference data
Figure 1.
Teleconference data