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What is med-hok?

2. Purpose

Med-hok is a teleconference management database system specifically designed for the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Medical Working Group. The aim is to build up and store a variety of correct information and to make preparations easier and more precise. With the potential advantages of this system, we would like to modify the current TEMDEC-centered communication style to a more independent style in our community, such that each institution can join and act more effectively (Figure 2).

Med-hok stores information about each medical teleconference event, based on the institutions that are connected to the event. When accessing Med-hok as a guest, you can check the date/time and type of past and future events, as well as which institutions joined or will join by accessing the “Coming event” and “Past event” pages. If you are a member of Med-hok, you can login your “Institution User ID” to access upcoming events that your institution will join, or to edit the member list of your institution. You can also review your institution’s activities on the “Past event” page. If you are an “Event Administrator”, you can plan events and edit programs.

For more information about creating a user ID, please refer to the “How to Join” page.

Purpose of Med-hok
Figure 2.
Purpose of Med-hok