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What is med-hok?

3-2. Teleconference management model

Teleconferencing using Med-hok involves five processes (Figure 4). This flow is based on our previous experiences. For those at the level of “Event Administrator”, this model supports the realization of teleconference plans.

Process 0 is designated as “Basement”. The system requests the institution for general information and member information, network and system availability, and some other parameters. Process 1 is entitled “Ready”. A program and mailing list for the event are suggested, and the institution can connect to check and update the information. Engineers test all connections. Process 2 is referred to as “Event”. Telemedicine activities are performed in this process, such as live demonstration and case teleconferences. Process 4 is “Review”. A report of the event is created, as well as a questionnaire to be completed by participants. In this way, we can review the event for quality enhancement. Finally, Process 4 is designated “Achievement”. Event records, such as photos and video recordings, are archived. These data are also used for publication, such as on websites, in articles or in annual reports.

Teleconference management model
Figure 4.
Teleconference management model