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Connection Information
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The 16th Endoscopy Club E-conferencereload

Local Time at Main Venue 2017.08.30 13:30 - 90min, Dalian, CN (UTC+08:00)
Organizer Shiaw-Hooi Ho
Topic GI Endoscopy Teleconference
Contents Endoscopy
Style Live
Connection Method Vidyo
Server At KUH
Streaming Address https://vidyo-replay.med.kyushu-u.ac.jp/replay/webcastShow.html?key=LeMyYlXfbTm75KG
Brief Description Regional endoscopy teleconference started off as part of the bi-yearly APAN medical working group meeting since a decade ago. In the past, connection was achieved via national high-speed research and education network (REN). Thus, not many centers were able to join such teleconference. However, recent advancement in network technology and teleconferencing software enable good-quality connection to be secured using only the commercial internet and personal computing devices. It is envisaged that such kind of activities would promote sharing of experience among regional GI therapeutic endoscopists and encourage further research and academic collaboration.

Key Members

ChairRungsun RerknimitrChulalongkorn UniversityTH
Co-Chair 1Shiaw-Hooi HoUniversity of MalayaMY
Co-Chair 2---
Chief Engineer 1Mohamad Zahir AhmadUniversity of MalayaMY
Chief Engineer 2Shunta TomimatsuKyushu University HospitalJP
Chief Engineer 3---
Chief Engineer 4---

Connecting Institutions  

Red is to be decided
City, Country Institution Moderator Local Engineer
1(Main).Dalian, CNDalian International Finance Conference CenterTomohiko MoriyamaLe Vuong Quy
2.Ho Chi Minh, VNCho Ray Hospital--
3.Bangkok, THChulalongkorn UniversityRungsun RerknimitrRatchakrit Bowornwattanakorn
4.Kuala Lumpur, MYUniversity of MalayaKL GohAhmad Helmy Abidin
5.Bangi, MYNational University of Malaysia (UKM)Chai-Soon NgiuNorhasliza Hassan
6.New Delhi, INThe Institute of Liver and Biliary SciencesSandip KumarManish Dutta
7.Pune, INDeenanath Mangeshkar HospitalAmol BapayeShivangi Dorwat
8.Singapore, SGChangi General Hospital--
9.Adelaide, AULyell McEwin HospitalRajvinder SinghPhil Ancell
10.Malang, IDBrawijaya UniversitySyifa MustikaAchmad Basuki (Abazh)
11.Penang, MYUniversiti Sains Malaysia(USM)Nazri MustaffaHisyam Bin Yacob
12.Fukuoka, JPKyushu University HospitalAkira AsoKuriko Kudo
13.Tokyo, JPNihon UniversityTakuji GotodaKazuya Sanjo
14.Quezon City, PHEast Avenue Medical CenterMark Lester S. SyJemson Maure


Main venue     Localtime
1.Dalian, CNContentsDiscussant2, 3, 104, 5, 8, 11, 146, 7912, 13
13:30-13:38Welcome and introductionRungsun Rerknimitr & Shiaw-Hooi Ho12:30-12:3813:30-13:3811:00-11:0815:00-15:0814:30-14:38
13:38-13:53Lecture from Professor Takuji GotodaNihon University, Japan12:38-12:5313:38-13:5311:08-11:2315:08-15:2314:38-14:53
13:53-14:08Case presentation from Nihon UniversityNihon University, Japan12:53-13:0813:53-14:0811:23-11:3815:23-15:3814:53-15:08
14:08-14:23Video presentation from University of AdelaideUA, Australia13:08-13:2314:08-14:2311:38-11:5315:38-15:5315:08-15:23
14:23-14:38Case presentation from Institute of Liver and Biliary ScienceILBS, India13:23-13:3814:23-14:3811:53-12:0815:53-16:0815:23-15:38
14:38-14:53Case presentation from Deenanath Mangeshkar HospitalDMH, India13:38-13:5314:38-14:5312:08-12:2316:08-16:2315:38-15:53
14:53-15:00Closing remarksRungsun Rerknimitr & Shiaw-Hooi Ho13:53-14:0014:53-15:0012:23-12:3016:23-16:3015:53-16:00