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What is med-hok?

3. Method

Med-hok is made up of three parts; the database, teleconference management model, and user interface design. The database stores information about each teleconference and its results. These include the mailing list, program, technical tips, reports, and others. The “teleconference management model” algorithm is an automation of TEMDEC’s telemedicine workflow, based on our activities over the last 10 years. The third component is the user interface design. Med-hok is designed as web-based system. It is English-based with time-zone support, to best provide the most comprehensive information.

3-1. Database

The database structure is shown in Figure 3. Data are sorted into 15 categories: Country, Area, Time zone, Time offset, Meeting plan, Institution, Network, System, Member, Mailing list, Event, Schedule, Event accumulation, Record, and Login account. The items indicated in blue are numerical data; items in green are text data; and items in red are special text, such as comma-delimited numbers.

Database structure
Figure 3.
Database structure